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One Day Charter connects the sea and individuals from different parts of the world, of all ages, cultures, minds and souls, and fulfils all their desires, needs and requirements. Standing as a guardian and voice of cultural heritage, humanitarian actions, with a mission to experience the sea in a completely different way.

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Company One Day Charter Montenegro has been living its mission for eight seasons on the Montenegrin coast. During the mentioned period, it has hosted more than 5000 travelers from various parts of the world, with the aim to remain a worthy promoter of Montenegrin sea beauties in the best possible way.  It hosted and had the opportunity to show its authenticity, but also the authenticity of its country to travelers from over 30 countries around the world.

What makes this company unique is the maximum support from the management and crew, individual approach to guests, experienced employees who have a solution for you at all times, as well as respect for high standards in business with an average company’s rating of 9,7. Leaders in monitoring and implementing new technologies in business, with the aim to make a difference in the community through various social engagement, investing in active local, regional and international cooperation.

Thanks to the commitment of our team, who takes care of your wishes, this company will make you experience the coast from a completely new perspective, so that you never forget how you felt in the most beautiful coastal areas of Montenegro.

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One Day Charter here to create an atmosphere for all of you who want a paradise vacation, for those of you who want to enjoy the sun, exploring delicious food on idyllic beaches, for those of you who are looking for an uncompromisingly most interesting entertainment at summer parties, and for all of you to whom romance is an inevitable part of the story arising from the sea.

One Day Charter Montenegro is a company that cares about how you feel at the sea and this team knows what to do to make your chosen period the best period you have ever spent at the sea. They will introduce you to the beauties where you will make your memories, and with the support of their team, which will be at your service at any time, you will feel comfortable and safe.

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The Montenegro One Day Charter team is looking forward to spending this season surrounded by your satisfied looks, smiles and long hugs!