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We are proud to present the new project of the One Day Charter company. Sea Me event is a project ideal for companies, small and medium enterprises, as well as for precisely defined target groups.

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We organize 3 or more days of travel around the Montenegrin coast during which seminars, presentations, parties are held, but it is also mandatory to reserve time for rest, socializing and visiting the most beautiful areas of the Montenegrin coast. Up to 60 people can spend the night on catamarans and you can use the big catamaran Tahiti as a place for presentations and business meetings, up to 100 people can be your guests at beach parties that are only for your company.

We suggest to spend the first day for business gatherings, the second for unforgettable parties, and the third to successfully spice up your trip and visit the most beautiful parts of the sea.

Business partners, associates, colleagues cannot remain indifferent to the experience they will remember. Business Sea Me Event, Pharmacy Sea Me Event, Media Sea Me Event are planned for this season. During the month of June, the Influence Sea Me Events took place, which featured popular influencers from the region.




We invite you to enjoy with us the atmosphere of parties that will not leave anyone indifferent, The parties are held from Friday to Sunday. Expect two exclusive parties, one of which will be organized on the biggest catamaran in Montenegro named Tahiti, which is designed to accommodate 96 people and will sail the designed route, while another exclusive party will be organized on Dobrech beach, which can only be reached by boat. 

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Our Lady of the Rocks

With a special desire to experience the uniqueness of Montenegrin coastal places which represent hidden tradition enriched with a luxurious touch, we want you to enjoy the season. We have carefully created special routes for you to meet the jewels that prey on the sea, such as the unusual small…

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