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Incognito Cocktail Bar

This is a beach that you can only reach by boat.

You can come to Incognito cocktail bar & beach individually through the company One Day Charter, but you can reserve the entire space only for the needs of your family and friends or the company.

The beach is ideal for corporate parties, presentations, promotions, but also for peace, isolation and hedonism. When we want to relax and feel the real smell of the sea and the perfect view of the open sea, we choose a place surrounded by forest.

The beach itself is a restaurant where the most popular chefs in the region prepare seafood specialties. Because if we talk about hedonism, Dobreč Bay is in the first place.

As soon as the boat approaches the beach, you can feel the smell that unites the sea and nature. The crystal water with the fabulous reflection of the sun in the water stuns you in the first minutes. On this beach you are calm, relaxed, the way you really are. It is a place where you can lie down, dance, sit, have lunch, bathe in crystal water but be deep with your thoughts. Just decide what makes you happy. That is why this place is special and hidden. Except when we want it to be different.



"Hedonism" beach

The beach consists of a cocktail and chill zone with various places to relax, enjoy, but also to organize parties, corporate events and presentations. You adapt the beach to your needs. We provide you with privacy, exclusivity and the true beauty of the sea.



For Every taste

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