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Sunset party route

During the previous years, the Sunset party has become very recognizable for having a good time and enjoying the charms of the Boka Bay. The route of the largest catamaran in Montenegro has been carefully chosen so that visitors can experience all the charms of the best party at sea.

The catamaran departs from Movida beach. With the first beats of the world’s greatest hits and drinking the most delicious cocktails, we sail towards the open sea. We pass by the island, real coastal places and with a view, on one side of the Lustica peninsula, and on the other side of the places that adorn the coast of Herceg Novi. While recognizable bits make you dance, you have the opportunity to see unreal natural beauties. In the first few minutes, there is the Island of Flowers, which absolutely justifies its name. A large number of palm trees, flowers, private houses immediately attract attention. The first settlements in this area date back to the Bronze Age, and now this place is hidden from a large number of tourists and crowds.

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During the continuation of the voyage, we pass by the island where the monastery of Our Lady of Mercy is located. Numerous legends and stories have been written on this island, and if we were to list them now, we would write many foreign texts. Certainly, the monks were attracted to the magic and beauty of the island in 1479, and since then there have been legends about beauty, mystery and faith. We will see that beauty on the way to our final goal.

While drinking cocktails, you will see the settlements: Krašići, Baošići, Kumbor and each of these places hides its own piece of history and beauty that attracts tourists from different parts of the world. It is worth seeing the new but beautiful place Portonovi, which is becoming more and more popular among tourists every year because its architecture, designed content and elegance attracts the attention of a diverse audience.

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The catamaran docks in the port of Herceg Novi to board passengers who choose this embark point. There is no need to write about Herceg Novi because every word is superfluous. That city needs to be seen, felt, smelled and tasted. And we will have the most beautiful view of it – from the sea.

We continue sailing towards the open sea, passing by Rose and Žanjica beach. Well, it’s time for swimming because experience says that here the sea is the most beautiful and clearest. Immersion in the depths full of sea beauties, until the bits stop is an unusual experience. You spend time in the sea, on a catamaran, next to the DJ counter, with a view of Croatia and the open sea, which creates an incredible experience.

Of course, this is not the end. When we are close, we have to pass by the famous island of Mamula. Between the two world wars, it served as an infamous prison, but the fortress built by the Austro-Hungarian general Lazar Mamula in the middle of the 19th century is much more important. Today, you can see how the island is turning into a modern, luxurious complex, but no one can take away its history.

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When the sun slowly sets over the horizon, you create an experience, photos that still cannot be described, the music is still amplified, the party is at the highest point, and our experience becomes amazing.

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We stop again in Herceg Novi. Briefly. The return is already filled with orange and bright red sunset colors, light effects from the catamaran and another cocktail in a row. We return to the beach Movida and satisfied, fulfilled and full of new experience, with a smile we end the party sailing in one of the most beautiful parts of the coast of Montenegro.